Custom sized Giclées and greeting cards are available from most images.
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Iris Jan Duarte Blog

Iris is a member of the following organizations

International Encaustic Artists

Past member of Fig Tree Art Gallery from 2002-2011

Past member of Fresno Printmakers Guild 2002-2011

What is a Giclée?

The term, pronounced "zhee-Klay", is a french word that means a spray of liquid. In the case of a Giclée print, it means "spraying of ink".

A Giclée is a digital copy of an original artwork, made using very high-resolution digital scans and ink-jet printers that "spray" tiny droplets of archival ink onto fine-art papers and canvas. It is a highly collectable and well-established medium in the fine art world. Today's professional printers and archival substrates can produce incredibly detailed prints that truly represent the original better than any other means of reproduction.

Mullins Editions uses professional grade epson ink-jet printers with archival Ultachrome pigmented inks along with archival media to produce the highest quality Giclée prints that, with proper care, have archival characteristics of 150-200 years. Please refer to for more information on how to properly care for Giclées.

All of Iris's Giclées are printed by Mullins Editions *