Iris Jan Duarte was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida until age thirteen. The family moved to Berkeley, California for six years. The next four years she lived in Europe and Israel.

Living in different cultures, learning other languages, and having the opportunity to see the architecture, great museums, and art of many countries inspired her deeply.

Iris came to printmaking and painting through a personal journey of exploration and self-renewal. In 1995 she began deliberate steps to develop her skills in painting, drawing and printmaking, which she continues to learn and develop today.

Iris evolved from licensed mental health therapist to artist. Iris draws inspiration from nature, and time spent in her mountain retreat, allowing time and space to experience, reflect, create, and discover her artistic process.

Iris's work is represented in many private and public collections throughout California, New York, Chicago, and Florida.


In 1996 I began to renew an interest in making art. I began to study printmaking and painting in oils, acrylic, and encaustics.

It is important for me to be consciously involved with my creative process. This means to be courageous, independent and open to learning, growing and nurturing the spiritual aspect of my life.

My motivation in making art is to be true to myself, to discover the depth of my wonder at this world we live in. I work very much in the “now” striving to be present, thus, enabling the expression of my inner self to unfold.

I am interested in exploring the mind-body-spirit relationship and how I can express this in my work. I am committed to the process of seeing deeply, being inspired, and being a part of the channel of the universal creative spirit.

Art is part of my spiritual practice, enabling me to develop clarity, mindfulness in the moment, wisdom and compassion and access to revelations of higher mystic states of awareness. Through this contemplative journey my creations of art are the outward expression of the inner spiritual awakening.